CTQ Services

Conceptual Design

Servicios CTQ - Diseño Conceptual / CTQ Services - Conceptual Design
  • Risk and environmental impact studies
  • Project Feasibility
  • Automation and Process Control
  • Instrumentation
  • Power Distribution
  • Custom Solutions Design

Detailed Design

Servicios CTQ - Diseño de Detalle / CTQ Services - Detailed Design
  • Functional Design Specifications
  • Process Narrative
  • Technology Platform Selection
  • International Standards Assurance
  • Packaged Systems Specification
  • Supplier Management (Outsourcing)

Detailed Engineering

Servicios CTQ-Ingenieria de Detalle / CTQ Services - Detailed Engineering
  • Project Management Services
  • Instrument Specification Sheets
  • Drawing Production: P&ID, Mechanical, Power, Hydraulics
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic Detail
  • Custom System Designs

Software Development Support

Servicios-CTQ_Desarrollo-de-Software / CTQ Services - Software Development Support
  • HMI Programing Services
  • PLC/DCS Programing Services
  • Critical Control/High Availability Services
  • Systems: SIS, ESD, F&G, BMS, HIPPS

Fire And Smoke Detection Systems

Servicios CTQ-Deteccion Humo y Fuego / CTQ Services - Fire And Smoke Detection Systems
  • Design, specification, installation and commissioning of fire and smoke detection systems according to NPFA standard, certificate UL and FM for industrial installations and offices.
  • Using addressable analog detection panels, photoelectric, thermal, multivariable detectors, manual stations and diagnosable monitors.


Servicios CTQ - Pruebas / CTQ Services - Tests
  • Factory Internal Tests (FIT)
  • OHM-OUT (Continuity / Loop Wheels)
  • Internal Project Documentation
  • Third Party Equipment Reception & Acceptance
  • Training & Operation Manuals
  • Final Documentation “As-Built””

Commissioning & Start-Up

Servicios CTQ - Comisionamiento y Puesta en marcha / CTQ Services - Commissioning & Start-Up
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
  • Field Installation Supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation Mark-Ups
  • Complete System Start-Up
  • Loop Checking

Project Closure

Servicios CTQ - Cierre de Proyectos / CTQ Services - Project Closure
  • Billing and Final Evaluation
  • Customer and End User Training
  • Project Final Data Book
  • Organization of “Wrap-Up” & “Lessons Learned”

Protection Systems of Rotary Machines

Servicios CTQ-Sistemas de Protección Maquinas Rotativas / CTQ Services - Protection Systems of Rotary Machines
  • Design, development, assembly, installation and commissioning of electrical, vibrations and temperature protection systems.
  • Monitoring and speed control of compressors, turbines, motors, pumps and process valves.
  • Integration of communications with third party equipment
  • Storage of historical and events
  • Reports and concentration of data for a more complete and efficient monitoring

Turbo Machinery Modernization and Services

Servicios CTQ-Modernización y Servicios para Turbomaquinas / CTQ Services - Turbo Machinery Modernization and Services
  • Modernization to existing systems.
  • Implementation of the best available technology.
  • Extensive experience in automation, control and instrumentation systems in turbo machinery
  • High availability service